Many of us, as customers, are not fully aware of the environmental and social impacts of our purchase and restaurants decisions. This page is created to give you some tips to make responsible choices in your daily life.

We would like to get you involved. So please write to if you have any responsible tips you want to suggest and share. You will be part of a change chain and your tip will be published in our website with your reference. We can't wait to receive your email!

EatResponsible provides awareness services and improve the decision making process of many consumers. This has enormous positive consequences that we measure and quantify: reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions; saving of households disposable income; nutrition balance and health improvement; better awareness of product's safety/quality.

We are proud of this service which is free for consumers.

However this also takes considerable management time and internal resources. For this reason, we appreciate a free support in line with your possibilities to allow us to continue creating positive change in the industry and keep high quality standards. Thank you for your support!