There are a lot of things you can do to become a responsible customers when going to a restaurant. Or maybe you already are one of them. We have a big power to change things for the better. If you are reading this page you are already a responsible person and you can help others to take responsibility and change their behaviour. 

So follow this easy guide, you can try one step at a time or - if you are courageous enough - just try them all!


  1. Have a look to our restaurants guide. You have the list of EatResponsible restaurants that may be close to your place
  2. Prefer small or local restaurants when you are on holidays
  3. Check if there are seasonal dishes and/or vegan-vegetarian options on the menu before going
  4. Go to restaurants that choose local food for all (or some) of their dishes.
  5. Ask where the food comes from
  6. Ask for tap water (help to reduce waste and save money)
  7. Ask for small portions if you are not a big eater
  8. or ask for a doggie bag when you cannot eat all of your meal
  9. If you think your favourite restaurants can be more responsible, please suggest them to contact us; we can help them. You can leave a suggestion card at the table when leaving the restaurant (download on the side).