Example 1

Nutritionists always say to eat more vegetables, so EatResponsible helps cook them in a way that incorporate high-flavor, low fat levels, and additional flavors. The correct spices can stir dishes up (e.g. right mixture of spices and olive oil). We believe that “healthy” actually means “tasteful” and we prove it with our advice.

Example 2

Even more important than eating healthy food, their preparation is crucial. Studies show that spending more time on food preparations is correlated with better eating habits. We know that time is essential and food "readiness" is important. We give guidance on how to store and prepare tasty food for the week, for quick but healthy and filling lunches. 

Example 3

Eating responsibly means enjoying eating. We give guidance to be free from weight stress, a very common negative factor in keeping up a good diet. Eating is enjoyable and is supported with as a celebratory moment. This gives more control over our overall well being. Physical activity and positive behavioural nutrition deliver positive physiological influences, as found also by the 2014 study presented by the scientific journal "Appetite".

These is only a small sample of the big set of items we cover in our guidance work. We look forward to hearing from you and work together on the best diets, and above all, how to start following one yourself (info@eatresponsible.com).