EatResponsible supports food service operators to become more environmentally sustainable.

We always work closely to the company to provide actionable solutions. Your goal can be to decrease costs, become zero waste, or simply make a few changes that customers will appreciate. 

EatResponsible can provide detailed solutions to help you reaching these goals.

Our services include:

  • Assessing the current situation and its related strengths/weaknesses;
  • Identifying specific steps needed to reach the EatResponsible Certification;
  • Determining key priorities (i.e. certified menu, financial savings, footprint of food sourcing, etc...);
  • Selecting the best equipment, food products and their related certifications;
  • Providing  training and educational content to the employees;
  • Providing monitoring reports and on-going advice to keep the EatResponsible Certification.

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EatResponsible is proud to support the Milan Protocol project