What we do

Our food choices have an influence that is bigger than what we usually assume. Responsible food choices can actually make a positive difference for very important issues like climate change, population growth, obesity, poverty.

EatResponsible organizes eating events that combine great food taste with education. We support initiatives where consumers are encouraged to adopt responsible behaviors when making decisions on the food they eat. Rising awareness on the environmental and social impact of selecting, buying and cooking food is part of such events.

Our mission is also to encourage and advise food service operators like school canteens, restaurants and food shops to adopt  sustainable business choices "



I was born in Crotone, Italy, in 1985 where I grew up in a family farm, practicing sustainable agriculture.

I moved to Rome where I graduated in Italian literature and marketing at the University of Rome. There, I also worked in small food businesses.

I moved then to the UK, where I learnt the best practices of sustainable farming by working in a bio-farm in Cirencester.

In 2011, I moved to Amsterdam where I improved my professional cooking experience and management of small food businesses.

I hold different specializations related to Sustainability and the Food industry. The first one is in Agriculture, People and Food Security by the University of Reading, England (UK). Furthermore I hold the specialization on Nutrition and Well-Being by the University of Aberdeen, Scotland (UK) and the specialization on Global Food security challenge by Lancaster University, England (UK). I have been awarded with the professional patisserie award by the Cooking school "ConGusto" (Italy).

I have found EatResponsible in 2014 in Amsterdam. I organize education food events, dinners and workshops. I advice restaurants, food shops, canteens to improve their operation in terms of environmental and social impacts. I am called as a judge in different food events!

I am also helped by professional advisors in Environmental and Social company performance of the food industry.

If you want to have more information pleasedon't hesitate to contact us !